Openoffice grab open, unsaved file from remote computer

I just arrived home from my office and remembered that I forgot to save an open spreadsheet on my office computer (which runs ubuntu). I can access my office computer via ssh, but I do not have remote desktop access. I needed to access this document from home, so I started looking for the folder where openoffice keeps open, unsaved files. Openoffice saves all files you’re working for recovery in case openoffice or the computer crash while working on them.
So I sshed into my office computer, found a folder called /home/user/ and ran this command to find any openoffice files (hoping that would yield a recovery folder):
find . -name *.ods
This yielded a few results, most of which from this dir:
I checked the dir, and sure enough there was a file called untitled_0.ods, modified just a few hours ago.
A prompt copy from the backup folder to my Dropbox folder and it turns out this is the file I was looking for.
I love linux.

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